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Elite Physicians

Our expert physicians are at the forefront of exploring and actively engaging in the evolution of groundbreaking technologies, products, and procedures that shape the aesthetic marketplace today. Our physicians consistently foster collaboration, both among themselves and with industry leaders, to unearth and cultivate cutting-edge aesthetic solutions for their patients.

Setting the Gold Standard

PAS physicians have established themselves as the pinnacle of excellence in aesthetic medicine and surgery. With extensive expertise, our specialists have contributed to a vast body of peer-reviewed articles, actively engaged in numerous clinical trials, delivered lectures across more than 40 countries, and imparted knowledge to countless physicians through residency and fellowship programs.

Patient Outcomes

Despite the innovations in aesthetic medicine over the past two decades, there remain patients whose needs have yet to be fully met. Embracing this challenge, or PAS Experts seize the opportunity to join forces, pooling their expertise, to discover and develop safe, effective solutions for these patients.




Experts from PAS are at the forefront of cutting-edge clinical trials and innovative research, revolutionizing the field of aesthetics.


PAS Experts hold board, committee, and executive positions in numerous professional organizations.


Our Expert physicians are prolific authors and influential editors, sharing their knowledge and expertise with providers, industry leaders, and patients alike.


PAS Experts are dedicated to teaching and training the next generation of aesthetic providers, ensuring improved patient safety and outcomes.

Kyndra Lee


Kyndra is an experienced entrepreneur and consultant in the medical device and aesthetics industries, with over 23 years of experience. Before founding PAS, Kyndra spent 16 years in the field of medical devices and aesthetics, gaining expertise in sales, business development, and brand strategies.

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