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Published Feb 24, 2023

Dr. Daniel Rousso Discusses: Can Fillers Eliminate Under-Eye Bags?

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Dr. Daniel Rousso Discusses: Can Fillers Eliminate Under-Eye Bags?

Under-eye bags are a prevalent, and unfortunate, sign of aging that billions of people struggle with as they get older. Though there is still much that is unknown about this condition, most experts like Dr. Rousso agree that the contributing factors to this condition are stress, sleep, a lack of sleep, and a bad diet. That said, most patients who struggle with under-eye bags find little relief from adopting a healthy lifestyle alone. 

Under-eye bags are essentially the result of fat accumulation on the lower eyelids. This development, combined with the breakdown of collagen and thinning of the delicate skin around the eyes, leads to the formation of puffy under-eye bags. In recent years, patients have turned to creams and ointments to reduce the appearance of eye bags. Unfortunately, the truth is that, to date, no topical product effectively reduces eye bags or prevents them from forming. 

What has been shown to have an effect, however, are dermal fillers. For decades, Dr. Rousso has used dermal fillers to reduce the appearance of his patients’ under-eye bags, giving them a rejuvenated look. 


Injectable dermal fillers such as Juvederm®,  Radiesse®, and Restylane®  have proven to be incredibly effective at reducing fine lines and wrinkles around the eye region. These products work by lifting drooping tissues and triggering collagen production, leaving the patients with long-lasting and reliable results. 

When used to address under-eye bags, dermal fillers are injected directly into the curved depression between the eye and the upper cheek. Beyond restoring this area, this filler can also be used on the cheek to further reduce the appearance of puffiness. When performed by an expert practitioner, dermal fillers can create a more natural transition from the cheek to the eyelid, resulting in a major reduction in under-eye bags. 


Beyond its proven effectiveness, patients often prefer going the route of dermal fillers because it’s a virtually painless procedure with no downtime. A topical anesthetic is usually applied to the treatment sites before administering the injections. Once the doctor is finished, patients are free to leave and get back to their busy schedules. While it is possible to develop some bruising or swelling following the treatment, these side effects are usually very mild and pass quickly. 

Patients who receive dermal fillers for under-eye bags find that their results stick around for anywhere from 6 to 18 months. The longevity of results largely depends on the severity of the patient’s condition, age, and lifestyle. Patients who are dealing with more severe under-eye bags may need to consider surgery. 


Dermal fillers are an incredibly effective method for addressing under-eye bags. It is a quick and painless procedure that can help patients achieve a more youthful look in their eye region. As with any cosmetic procedure, it is recommended that patients refer to an experienced practitioner to assess their issues before making any final decisions.

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